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Designer Gumboots on Trademe

These are totally amazing and with the weather we had here in Auckland today, we all need a pair of these so we don’t wreck our more delicate footwear. A few of these are being sold by the same trader who probably is importing them and they are not that cheap at $140 a pair but the others are way less than that so check them out at the following links starting at the top left:

Red/green boots

Horse patterned boots

Short leopard print boots

Houndstooth boots

Pink & black boots

Tall leopard print boots

Pink floral boots

Red paisley boots

Timberland boots

Amazing high heel shoes on Trademe

I have collected together an interesting bunch of high heel shoes in an assortment of colours and this is just the tip of the iceberg on Trademe. Some of them started with a $1 reserve.

Click on the links below to have a look:

Coral shoes

Black buckled shoes

Gold shoes

Purple shoes

Orange shoes

Beige shoes

Apricot skull shoes

Black stud shoes

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

Here’s a selection of shoes which are up for auction right now on .  You are more likely to see me in the Dr Martens right now because I have injured my knee and heels make it worse but I can still admire them from afar.