About Me

 Suzanne Perazzini – Fashion Designer, Teacher and Author

Trained as a fashion designer in Italy where I lived for nine years, I set up a successful fashion design business once home. The business has been sold but the love of fashion has not waned and now I want to pass on my knowledge to others out there who have a low clothing budget but a passionate desire to look fashionable and stylish. The majority of my own wardrobe comes from buying off second-hand sites on the web. When I am tired of a garment, I sell it on. This means that I can change my wardrobe often for minimal cost. I will show you how to put disparate pieces together and create a look that is unique for you.

Ten extra pieces of information about me: 

1)    I have been bitten by a dog, a horse and a monkey (in Zambia).

2)    I live a three-minute walk from the sea but only go to the beach when I am overseas on holiday.

3)    I have visited over forty countries. Rome is my favourite city.

4)    I had a ballet school when I was sixteen.

5)    I have had three books published and I won an Australasian writing award for one of them.

6)    I go to the movies alone every Saturday morning and eating a chocolate-covered ice cream. This is me-time.

7)    I have experienced at least two very strong telepathic experiences – one with my son and the other with my father.

8)    I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Japanese and Italian. I am fluent in Italian but can hardly remember any Japanese.

9)    I spent more on medication to keep my cat alive for an extra couple of years after he was diagnosed with animal AIDS than our family’s collective medical bills for the same period.

10) I hate coffee, fresh figs, oysters, tripe, cucumber and all types of melon but love chocolate and diet coca cola.

I have another writing blog, click here, which I seldom update and ditto with my writing website, click here.

 You can connect with me on Facebook.

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