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The Scarlet Woman on Trademe

It might be the dip in temperature today but I had an urge for red and scoured Trademe for red dresses in particular. Many people display their garments so badly on Trademe that I wouldn’t pick them up and use them on my blog. A wrinkled garment laid flat on the ground is not going to show anyone the shape or fit of the item and who would buy something under those circumstances? No one. The way you display your for-sale items is crucial not only to the price they will fetch but also to whether they sell at all. Hence I haven’t got a great number of dresses to show you but the ones I have chosen have a certain appeal and could be well worth a look if they are your size. Follow the links below.

Skater-style dress Size 8

Hoodie dress Size 10

Striped dress Size 16

Black and red dress Size 14

Paris Daytripper

Paris Daytripper

Dorothy Perkins red party dress
45 GBP –

Denim jacket
25 GBP –


UGG Australia denim pumps
$182 –

Valentino blue bag
65 GBP –

Metal ring
$19 –

G by Guess black dial watch
$80 –

Kenneth jay lane jewelry
89 EUR –

Retro style sunglass
$109 –


I have found this wonderful website where you can create looks like the one above and which then itemises the various elements with their prices. Some of the items I chose are not actually that bad in price even after the conversion. That was fun – I will have to do it again.

Do you love leather? Look at these bargains!

Just Jeans Limited Edition

If you go online here, you will find these great leather bargains. For instance, the jacket is only AU$129 and the trousers are AU$199.  That sounds cheap to me compared to what I see around here in the shops. This is Just Jeans Limited Edition and can be bought online. Even better, delivery is free if you spend over $120.

I went shopping!

Flower RingBead bracelet
Yesterday I went into this gorgeous gift shop called Spoilt to buy a birthday present for my sister and came out with the bag and wrap in the first photo as well as her present and a runner for our coffee table. This is a very dangerous shop to visit when your shopping hormones are running free.

I also needed to go to the mall and saw the shop assistant in Jacqui-E pulling jewellery from their hooks and laying them on a table. I investigated and they were all being marked down to $10 each so, unable to resist a bargain, I purchased the ring, bracelet and necklace in the photos – $30 for the lot. I also bought a perfect little black turtle neck top with short sleeves which will be a great staple for my winter wardrobe. I didn’t regret any of the purchases when I got home so it was a good day.

We love sales! Portmans, Sussan and Max Fashions

Sales galore at the moment. Here are three good ones.

Portmans: up to 50% off select lines.

Max Fashions: 30% off pants, jeans, knitwear and coats. They also have a selection of casual dresses at $79. 

Sussan has a general sale on.

Pop into these shops for a bargain. I have checked them all out and as well as the sale items, they have great winter ranges with new stock arriving all the time. In my experience, some of the better items disappear quickly and then there could be a long wait for them to restock, if they do at all. I often buy the basics during the sales and then build the rest of my wardrobe with specific purchases from Trademe to create an individual look.

Do you want a Moochi garment at a fraction of the price?

Moochi is one of those middle of the road labels as far as cost is concerned but it might still be above the means of many ordinary folk. If you wish to wear one of their stylish, right-on-trend garments, check out those on Trademe. I have chosen those that have great reserves though there are more at higher prices. If you want to check them out, click on the links below.

Black lace top – Size 8

Black satin dress – Size 10

Pastel dress – Size 10

Blue dress – Size 14

Black coat – Size 10

Designer Gumboots on Trademe

These are totally amazing and with the weather we had here in Auckland today, we all need a pair of these so we don’t wreck our more delicate footwear. A few of these are being sold by the same trader who probably is importing them and they are not that cheap at $140 a pair but the others are way less than that so check them out at the following links starting at the top left:

Red/green boots

Horse patterned boots

Short leopard print boots

Houndstooth boots

Pink & black boots

Tall leopard print boots

Pink floral boots

Red paisley boots

Timberland boots

Amazing high heel shoes on Trademe

I have collected together an interesting bunch of high heel shoes in an assortment of colours and this is just the tip of the iceberg on Trademe. Some of them started with a $1 reserve.

Click on the links below to have a look:

Coral shoes

Black buckled shoes

Gold shoes

Purple shoes

Orange shoes

Beige shoes

Apricot skull shoes

Black stud shoes

2011 Billboard Music Awards – Women in Black

Fergie, Michelle Williams, Selena Gomez and Beyonce – all dressed in black for the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Despite all the colour around right now, black still trumps at any of these events and you can’t beat it for elegance. Short, long, slim or full, you can put your own spin on it to suit your personal style and still look great. That’s why we so often return to it after the occasional venture into colour.

Karen Walker on Trademe

Here are a selection of Karen Walker garments which are up for auction on Trademe right now. Many of the dresses can be worn as is or as tops over narrow trousers. Throw on a tailored jacket and you are ready for work.

Click on these links to view garments starting from top left:

Pink striped dress

Red patterned dress

Striped knit dress

Grey knit dress

Black dress no. 1

Black dress no. 2

Spotted blouse (not shorts)

Pleated skirt (not blouse)

Grey check dress

Black and white top

Go bid for one or two of these, set an upper limit and see what happens.