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Trademe – How to deal with a bad trade

So you have paid for the garment and it has arrived. You eagerly open the parcel and there is your beautiful garment that you so coveted when you saw it up for auction on Trademe. But what is this? A stain? A rip? It looks 100 years old. Or the colour is completely different.
What you do depends on how serious the issue is. I found a great looking blazer on Trademe – the buttery orange colour was just perfect – but when it came, it had more than one stain on it. I had it drycleaned but there was no budging those marks.
In the photo, you can see one of the marks. There were four  – three tiny and the one in the photo which was larger but fairly faint.  I would have been quite justified in contacting the trader and asking for my money back but I knew it would be a long time before I found another jacket in this colour and so I kept it and I wear it. No one notices the marks and I have checked with friends to see if they have spotted them and no one has.

Another garment I bought was a black lace skirt which looked completely new when I received it but when I put it on, I discovered a large hole in the lining. Very strange and of course the trader would have known about it – it was too big to miss.

Trademe lace skirt

But once again I love the skirt and it goes with many of my multiple jackets, so I wear another black petticoat underneath to counter the hole and I wear it often.

In both these cases, I gave the smiley face as feedback but mentioned the problem in the text so they know that I know, but their rating is not affected.

I almost never give bad feedback. It is better to try to resolve the problem with the trader before doing anything so serious as giving bad feedback. There is always the chance they will retaliate with equally bad feedback and that will mar your good record.

In my experience people will usually enter into a dialogue about the problem and try to reach a solution with you though I have heard some horror stories. Bad feedback is your main recourse but you could take them to the small claims court if you wish to get your money back and they are refusing to do so. I have returned garments maybe two or three times out  of many, many purchases and each time the money has been refunded so I am still to have a really bad experience. But there is always that first time.