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Fabulous Bags for Auction on Trademe

These bags are all on right now.

My Jewellery Depository

I thought I would show you where much of my preloved jewellery resides. We live in a modern home but it is furnished with a mixture of antique and modern furniture because I love to mix new and old. This is part of the dressing table in our bedroom and, as you can see, it is drowning in my bargains. Necklaces hang from anything possible while my earrings and rings are tucked neatly into the brown suede leather box you can see. My wide cuffs are spread over the dressing table top because I can’t think of any other way to store them and still be able to see them easily.

Talking of preloved objects, my dressing table is very special. When I was sixteen, I saw it in an antique shop and fell deeply in love. I emptied my bank account to buy it with my mother’s blessing. She figured it was better to spend my money on an antique than on clothes and nights on the town. It is made up of seven different native New Zealand woods and I would never part with it. It does the job of displaying my jewellery beautifully though it is rather hard to dust.

Polka Dots for Work

Another work into evening outfit. The skirt is made of a simple cotton polka dot fabric with shirring about the basque to keep it close against the body. Then it flares out in gathers and inverted pleats to create a very full hemline.

The top/jacket is in a silky stretchy fabric which slides against the body without clinging. It closes with a zip up the front and at the neckline is a wide gathered frill which sits wide on the shoulders. I often wear a silky singlet beneath so the top can be removed for the evening. Both the skirt and the top were given to me by my sister when she grew tired of them. She is a great source of preloved clothes for me.

I either wear flat ballerina shoes or the ones in the photo depending on how I feel that morning. I always wear the wonderful metal cuff in the picture, which I bought on The sleeves of the top are three-quarter length and I take advantage of the bare skin to wear it.

My Latest Accessory Purchases

I get carried away with my purchases of accessories from because they are all so cheap.

– I have several cuffs like the red, jewelled one above. I will show some others another time. I wear this with fairly simple clothes so it makes a statement.

– The earrings are unexpectedly large and don’t get worn too often because they waggle about and hit me in the face if I move too fast but they do get second looks when I wear them. 

– I love the shot of colour the purple belt gives to an outfit and I really want to find shoes or a bag of the same colour.

– I bought the black leather belt because of the spectacular buckle. It lifts any outfit and gives a nice tough feel to a more feminine outfit.

– The lace and pearl clip makes a large statement on a plain jacket. Again I enjoy the juxtaposition of the feminine with the tougher look and would wear a very severe jacket with this.