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Max – Beautiful Dresses on Sale

Got to love all these sales which are on at the moment. Above is a communication I got today from Max. Click here and you will find some great dresses at well reduced prices.

Black Not Black's Daily Sale

Many of you probably don’t know that the online boutique, Black Not Black has a daily sale for one particular garment, changing it every day.
Today the sale is for a Cassette Society garment, their snowbird jersey mini dress. It was $145 and today it is $70.
You can find them here.

Fashion by Post – all the way from England

I have discovered this online boutique, Public Beware, which has caught my eye for the excellent prices even after converting into NZ dollars. The conversion these days is two NZ dollars to one pound. Below I have some of their items which are for sale with the links and the prices.

Public Beware crop army jacket

 This cropped army jacket could be fantastic for giving some warmth without covering up a great top or dress.

It comes in at £27. If you spend over £100, the freight is free.










Public Beware Boucle cardigan




This boucle cardigan is a helpful neutral colour to create a stylish outer layer for those cold days and evenings.

The sale price is £28.70.








Public Beware puffer jacket




We all love puffer jackets as the ultimate cover up but they are often not that stylish but look at this one – right on trend.

Sale price is £44.50







Public Beware grey dress







This shift dress cleverly covers up any lumps and bumps we might have while keeping a narrow silhouette.

Sale price is £29








Public Beware lace hoodie





This lace hoodie is so pretty. Wear it over a plain dress or top for that touch of whimsy.

The sale price is £17.50



 The vest below was too unusual to leave out. Look at that amazing back view.

The sale price is £19.80




Public Beware vest



I went shopping!

Flower RingBead bracelet
Yesterday I went into this gorgeous gift shop called Spoilt to buy a birthday present for my sister and came out with the bag and wrap in the first photo as well as her present and a runner for our coffee table. This is a very dangerous shop to visit when your shopping hormones are running free.

I also needed to go to the mall and saw the shop assistant in Jacqui-E pulling jewellery from their hooks and laying them on a table. I investigated and they were all being marked down to $10 each so, unable to resist a bargain, I purchased the ring, bracelet and necklace in the photos – $30 for the lot. I also bought a perfect little black turtle neck top with short sleeves which will be a great staple for my winter wardrobe. I didn’t regret any of the purchases when I got home so it was a good day.