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Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Chiffon Galore

The Cannes Film Festival lasts for several days so here is another selection of  celebrity couture. Chiffon seems to have played a big part in the choice of evening gowns and I have chosen those that stand out. I’m not too sure about Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown but it sure is full and colorful. The others are all spectacular.

Time for an Evening Out

Nothing can beat black for an evening out – slimming and elegant. I start with a chiffon dress/top with lovely pintucked detailing on the yoke and cuffs. This can be worn alone with a wide belt to pull it in at the waist. However, I wear it with my Storm leggings and a fabulous sequinned waistcoat which fits tightly and pulls all that loose fabric in. I also open the high neck so I can wear a black cross and bead necklace with it. Either the shoes or the boots work depending on the temperature that day.