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Paper Dresses – cheap in materials but expensive in time

These dresses remind me of ice sculptures. Hours of work on the cheapest of materials to create beautiful art that lasts but a short time.

Paper Dresses
Paper dresses

Designer Lace on the Catwalks

The catwalks are rampant with lace and it’s just gorgeous, unlike anything we’ve seen before. I could live in some of these dresses. I have scoured Trademe for similar dresses and have found some but nothing can match these designer garments. However, click on the links and see the nice cheap prices and then think of what those designer equivalents would cost you and bid at the auctions and try to emulate Scarlett Johansson in all her glory (see below).
First see the beauty of the catwalks:

                                                     Alberta Ferretti

                                                           Dolce & Gabbana

                                                         Ralph Lauren


                                                   Scarlett Johansson

                                                        Dress Size 10

                                                   Trelise Cooper Size 18

               Left Dress Size 8          Centre Dress Size 8        Right dress Size 8

                                               Annah S dress Size 14

Australian Fashion Week

I’ve been following the Australian Fashion Week to get ideas so I can go online and find preloved equivalents but it’s been tough  to find anything that would look reasonable on the ordinary mortal like me. I have seen all sorts of voluminous garments, ass-short skirts, colourless fabrics and have not been inspired. However, I have picked out some of my favourites for you to see.

I love the textures and the unexpectedness of the yellow boots in the Flannel outfit.

The black dress has a great pleated skirt and I will definitely be on the lookout for something similar.

The orange dress has been included for the colour but I’m not sure many people could wear that amount of gathers around their waists.

Manning Cartel’s outfit is fairly safe and classic but I always enjoy it when they match the colour of the hair to a garment.

Alex Perry’s dress is a great take on the crotchet look but again, maybe there’s a bit too much volume around the hips for anyone but a stick figure.

Having said that, there are elements in each outfit that attract me and from that I will put together a couple of unique looks by purchasing a few pieces from trademe, but it could take a while to find the perfect garments and accessories to pull it off.

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

A recent Dolce & Gabbana parade at Fashion week featured heaps of stars and animal prints. All muted colours. I’m not that fussed about much of it but love the last two images. The dress is floaty and feminine with a touch of colour in the shoes. The last is a really sassy take on menswear in a way that no man would ever dress. I would wear both of these outfits and am currently on the preloved sites looking for cheap alternatives. All I need is an idea and I’m off in creating a new look.

Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show

I was watching Desperate Housewives last night and was, as always, blown away by their beautiful red dresses at the beginning and looked up the 2011 Red Dress Fashion Show. It must have been a spectacle with all those celebrities prancing along the runway.  They must work so hard on their figures to look that good.

It’s easy to find beautiful evening wear in secondhand shops and on trading websites. Often the garments have only been worn a couple of times and are in fantastic condition. Look for the designer labels and you can be sure of the workmanship. Wear your purchase a few times and then sell  it on. That way you have a rotating wardrobe that you never get tired of.