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Office Beauty – Lara

This is Lara from the office. You can see by her sense of style that she dabbles in fashion. In fact she used to own her own label and would love to get back to it once her two young children are a little older. The cropped jacket was bought in Paris and is worn over a chiffon blouse and narrow black trousers. The red strappy shoes are the perfect touch to lift the outfit.

It’s great when people dress up for work but it seldom happens. Most people just throw on what’s clean and ironed and so it’s not always easy to find someone like Lara who stands out enough for me to want to photograph them. However, I shall keep my eye out for another exception.

Office Beauty

Here is our second office beauty. Karen is our firm’s number two real estate agent in the country and we have a total of 800 agents. She is not only beautiful and trendy but ambitious and smart hence her position in the firm.

Check out those amazing tights that she is wearing with a black chiffon dress and black suede boots. I doubt that these garments are preloved but well worth putting on my blog for you all to see.

Office Beauty

On a regular basis I am going to photograph someone at work who stands out for whatever reason. It might be her clothes, it might be her attitude, it might be her quirkiness.

Today I photographed  gorgeous secretary, Polly, who bubbles with a happy personality and always stays true to her style of dressing whether her skirts are short or long. She is a pleasure to be around and it is apt that she is my first choice.