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Duchess of Cambridge – Kate in Canada

The Duchess of Cambridge is on her first official tour and Canada is the lucky first country to see her in action – for a whole nine days. Many people will be watching every one of the forty or so outfits she will be wearing while there.

Duchess of Cambridge in Canada

Left: by British designer, Roland Mouret. Right: by Canadian designer, Erdem Moralioglu

What a fabulous lace dress in the second photo! I went searching on Trademe for a navy lace dress and found a great one so don’t fight over it. It is size 10 and you will find it here.

Lace Dress on Trade me

Do you want to see my latest Trademe fashion purchases?

My latest Trademe purchases

My latest Trademe purchases

For $100, I bought all of the above items. I love, love, love the bottom skirt . It is by Storm and pure silk – soft and floaty. It is in perfect condition and cost me all of $15.50.

The colourful, flirty dress is by Portmans and I bought it for $30. With a snappy black jacket, it is perfect for work.

I haven’t worn the necklace yet ($11.01) but I can imagine it on a plain black skivvy or with a white, open-neck shirt. The other skirt is gorgeous and also in great condition but it was the one I told you about a few posts ago. The trader had made a mistake with the measurements and sent me the wrong skirt – it was far too big for me. With complete co-operation the trader refunded me my money plus all postage costs and I returned the skirt.

 I have since sold two jackets and easily  recouped the amount I spent on these four items. An ever-changing wardrobe for no cost. What could be better than that for a fashion lover?

Orange to brighten the winter

Orange is starting to show up in the collections overseas so I went looking for it here in the shops and on Trademe.
Orange garments in the shops

Links on Trademe: First dress      Second dress     Third dress

Trademe garments

No. 1 Vertice jacket   No. 2  Glengyle Sweater  No.3 dress  No. 4 dress

No. 5 Marc shoes   No. 6 bag   No. 7 tights

Designer Lace on the Catwalks

The catwalks are rampant with lace and it’s just gorgeous, unlike anything we’ve seen before. I could live in some of these dresses. I have scoured Trademe for similar dresses and have found some but nothing can match these designer garments. However, click on the links and see the nice cheap prices and then think of what those designer equivalents would cost you and bid at the auctions and try to emulate Scarlett Johansson in all her glory (see below).
First see the beauty of the catwalks:

                                                     Alberta Ferretti

                                                           Dolce & Gabbana

                                                         Ralph Lauren


                                                   Scarlett Johansson

                                                        Dress Size 10

                                                   Trelise Cooper Size 18

               Left Dress Size 8          Centre Dress Size 8        Right dress Size 8

                                               Annah S dress Size 14

From The Glamourai to Portmans

For a while now I have been following a fellow fashion blogger called The Glamourai and yesterday I saw that she had partnered with Portmans to model some of their latest range. I have chosen the outfit I covet the most and you can go to the Portmans website to find the individual garments. Then I have found garments on Trademe to recreate a version of the outfit. Recreating it exactly would be impossible but the idea is the same. Here we go.

Find the garments at these links: Jacket, Top, Scarf, Pants, Shoes.

As a bonus I have put together one of the other looks that Kelly Framel from The Glamourai wore. This comes in a close second.

Love Storm garments? Look at these on Trademe

Storm garments

If any of these look like they might work for you, follow these links:

Jacket Size 12, Patterned tunic (top middle) size 10, Grey dress size 10, Green top size 8, Red dress size 6, Patterned dress (bottom right) size 10, Boots size 9, Belt.

Olivia Palermo in Pleated Chiffon

Pleated chiffon skirts, short, long and mid-length, are right on trend right now. You can find heaps of celebrities in them, creating all sorts of different looks. Wear one with a twin set and pearls for a sweet, retro look or grunge it up with boots and an edgy jacket.

I went onto Trademe to see what pleated chiffon skirts I could find and came up with these.

To find these garments follow these links: long black skirt – size 10, long cream skirt – sizes 6-10, Supre black mini – size 10, raspberry mini – size 6.

Find this skirt here. Size 10.

Find this skirt here. Size 10.

Celebrities in Denim

Emma Rossum, Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Kate Bosworth

In 1853, the California gold rush was in full swing, and everyday items were in short supply. Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, left New York for San Francisco with a small supply of dry goods with the intention of opening a branch of his brother’s New York dry goods business. Shortly after his arrival, a prospector wanted to know what Mr. Strauss was selling. When Strauss told him he had rough canvas to use for tents and wagon covers, the prospector said, “You should have brought pants!,” saying he couldn’t find a pair of pants strong enough to last.

Levi Strauss had the canvas made into waist overalls. Miners liked the pants, but complained that they tended to chafe. Levi Strauss substituted a twilled cotton cloth from France called “serge de Nimes.” The fabric later became known as denim and the pants were nicknamed blue jeans.

In 1873, Levi Strauss & Company began using the pocket stitch design. Levi Strauss and Nevada tailor David Jacobs co-patented the process of putting rivets in pants for strength. On May 20, 1873, they received U.S.Patent No.139,121. This date is now considered the official birthday of “blue jeans.” Source.

Since then denim has mutated through time to become what it is today – an element of fashion which is forever on trend.

I had a look on Trademe and came up with the following garments.

Trademe Denim

Here are the links:

Classic jacket from Workshop size 8

Dress with denim bodice Size 16

Miss Sixty Luxury Jacket Size 10 (top right)

Supre dress Size 8 (bottom left)

Karen Walker mini skirt Size 8

Rockabilly skirt Size 12

The Scarlet Woman on Trademe

It might be the dip in temperature today but I had an urge for red and scoured Trademe for red dresses in particular. Many people display their garments so badly on Trademe that I wouldn’t pick them up and use them on my blog. A wrinkled garment laid flat on the ground is not going to show anyone the shape or fit of the item and who would buy something under those circumstances? No one. The way you display your for-sale items is crucial not only to the price they will fetch but also to whether they sell at all. Hence I haven’t got a great number of dresses to show you but the ones I have chosen have a certain appeal and could be well worth a look if they are your size. Follow the links below.

Skater-style dress Size 8

Hoodie dress Size 10

Striped dress Size 16

Black and red dress Size 14

Do you want a Moochi garment at a fraction of the price?

Moochi is one of those middle of the road labels as far as cost is concerned but it might still be above the means of many ordinary folk. If you wish to wear one of their stylish, right-on-trend garments, check out those on Trademe. I have chosen those that have great reserves though there are more at higher prices. If you want to check them out, click on the links below.

Black lace top – Size 8

Black satin dress – Size 10

Pastel dress – Size 10

Blue dress – Size 14

Black coat – Size 10