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Designer Lace on the Catwalks

The catwalks are rampant with lace and it’s just gorgeous, unlike anything we’ve seen before. I could live in some of these dresses. I have scoured Trademe for similar dresses and have found some but nothing can match these designer garments. However, click on the links and see the nice cheap prices and then think of what those designer equivalents would cost you and bid at the auctions and try to emulate Scarlett Johansson in all her glory (see below).
First see the beauty of the catwalks:

                                                     Alberta Ferretti

                                                           Dolce & Gabbana

                                                         Ralph Lauren


                                                   Scarlett Johansson

                                                        Dress Size 10

                                                   Trelise Cooper Size 18

               Left Dress Size 8          Centre Dress Size 8        Right dress Size 8

                                               Annah S dress Size 14

Trelise Cooper on a Budget

One of the great things about buying secondhand is the opportunity to purchase designer labels that would otherwise be way beyond our reach.

I have selected several Trelise Cooper designed garments that are currently up for auction on

You can find them at these links:

White Dress

White lace top

Floral Dress

Leather Jacket

Denim Dress

Evening Bag

Highwayman Outfit

I love to have a theme when I dress and this is my highwayman outfit. The trousers are narrow-legged with a smart sewn-in pleat down the centre front.

The white cotton blouse, designed by Trelise Cooper, was bought for $40 on The original price could easily have been close to $500. The frills about the neck and on one side at the hemline is right in keeping with the theme. Trelise Cooper garments are a favourite of mine because of her unique touches. I have bought several items of hers. Occasionally they don’t fit and so I sell them on, always for good money, even making a small profit because I display the clothes well on my mannequin and that makes all the difference.

Over the top I wear an embossed velvet fitted coat I also bought on for about $30. No one else bid for it because they couldn’t see the potential. Many people remark on it when I wear it.

The only appropriate footwear are the  lace-up boots in the photo. The trousers are tucked into them and they complete the look perfectly.