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Fabulous Bags for Auction on Trademe

These bags are all on right now.

Trademe Watchlist

I thought you might like to have a peep at my current watchlist on Whenever I see something that catches my eye or fits the bill of something I have been looking out for to complete an outfit, I put it on my watchlist to see how the auction runs. If there is a reasonable Buy Now price and I simply must have it, I buy it outright but most of my favourite traders have no Buy Nows.

In my current list, the gold cuff and the red super-sized brooch start at $1 so I have watchlisted them  and shortly before the auction closes I will go check on them and see what the price is and how fierce the competition is. Sometimes there are no bids so I wait and put a bid at the last moment and usually get it. If there is competition, I wait to see what happens as the bids rise and decide how much I want the item and whether it is good value in preloved terms and then jump in or leave.

The pearl, flower and chain necklace starts at $25 and that is about what I would spend on it so will only bid if no one else does.

The Cross necklace starts at $40 which is rather steep in preloved terms so I will probably not bid but see if it is passed in and then it could relist at a lower price. If you have an item on Watchlist, Trademe will alert you if it is ever listed again.

The quirky bolero is almost a must-have. I love it and the starting price of $55 is fine. In this case, I will have to give myself an upper limit and stick to it because I think there might be stiff competition for it and some bidders get carried away and the price could become unreasonable. Self restraint in these cases is essential.

Of this selection, I can take or leave the cross necklace. I already have a silver cuff which is very similar to the gold one so I could let that go unless the bids stay low. The brooch is rather outrageous but I have a severe black, high-necked  jacket with silver stud closings that it would work perfectly on as long as I wear it with either a simple red or black skirt or black trousers. The long necklace could look great with various outfits and is the type of thing that lifts the ordinary into the extraordinary. And, as I said, the bolero is a must-have. I would love to have fun building an outfit starting with it. Perhaps a floaty floral dress underneath. But I will watch the price.