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On Trend Work Gear

I have chosen another picture from The Sartorialist blog to recreate using first garments from Trademe and then from local shops.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist image recreated with Trademe garments

You can find these garments for auction here: shirt, jacket, boots, hat .

The Sartorialist recreated from local shops

The hat is from Dotti, the blouse from Ezibuy, the jacket from Portmans, the boots from Overland, the ring from Sussan and the earrings from Storm.

I then created it in that online site I have mentioned, and this was the result. I love this site.

Outfit recreated in

Create this Look – Fashion in a Capsule

The website, The Sartorialist, shows photos of people snapped in the streets of the world’s main cities. This is a recent one which caught my eye. I have recreated this look first from garments up for auction on Trademe and then from shops near you. I couldn’t find a cream voile skirt on Trademe so pink it is. For variety I changed all the colours for the shop outfit.

The Sartorialist

Here are the links from Trademe: Blazer, Skirt, bag, boots.

 The Sartorialist outfit - shops

And here are the links for these items: Blazer (Jacqui-E), Skirt (Glassons), Bag (Country Road), Shoes (Hannahs).