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Tulle Skirt Miracle

This black, multi-layered tulle skirt is such a versatile garment. An ordinary two-piece outfit becomes edgy as soon as I add this skirt.

The mauve outfit has all been bought from Trademe with the jacket the most expensive piece because it is from the Pierrucci collection.

I bought the orange jacket on Trademe but unfortunately it had a stain on the side. Rather than battle with the trader and because I love the color, I bought a stick-on motif and ironed it on over the stain.

The polka-dot skirt is a hand-me-down from my sister and I bought the black smoking jacket with satin lapels very cheaply from a mail-order catalogue.

Depending on whether I want to  feel more dressy or more grungy, I wear the heels or the flat boots.


Look of the Day – Black and Silver

This is an outfit I feel comfortable wearing to work or out in the evening though the shoes could go a bit higher for after dark. I bought the top at Portmans for very little. It doesn’t hug the body but glides over it so no worries if you are feeling a bit dumpy. I wear it with my black Storm leggings and either with the zip closing jacket (I have added a bigger picture of it so you can see the zip details) I bought off trademe for $20 or my cropped smoking jacket you have seen in other postings. The shoes have cut out diamonds to echo the silver ones on the top.

Both of these jackets get worn heaps because they work with many of  the garments in my wardrobe. If I fall for a preloved garment and buy it but then it sits in my wardrobe without being worn because it doesn’t match anything, I sell it on rather than let it take up precious space.