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Do you want to see my latest Trademe fashion purchases?

My latest Trademe purchases

My latest Trademe purchases

For $100, I bought all of the above items. I love, love, love the bottom skirt . It is by Storm and pure silk – soft and floaty. It is in perfect condition and cost me all of $15.50.

The colourful, flirty dress is by Portmans and I bought it for $30. With a snappy black jacket, it is perfect for work.

I haven’t worn the necklace yet ($11.01) but I can imagine it on a plain black skivvy or with a white, open-neck shirt. The other skirt is gorgeous and also in great condition but it was the one I told you about a few posts ago. The trader had made a mistake with the measurements and sent me the wrong skirt – it was far too big for me. With complete co-operation the trader refunded me my money plus all postage costs and I returned the skirt.

 I have since sold two jackets and easily  recouped the amount I spent on these four items. An ever-changing wardrobe for no cost. What could be better than that for a fashion lover?

Be Fashionable for a Song

All these garments are currently up for auction from various different traders on

You can find them at these links:



Fergalicious Boots by Fergie

Guess Handbag



Time for an Evening Out

Nothing can beat black for an evening out – slimming and elegant. I start with a chiffon dress/top with lovely pintucked detailing on the yoke and cuffs. This can be worn alone with a wide belt to pull it in at the waist. However, I wear it with my Storm leggings and a fabulous sequinned waistcoat which fits tightly and pulls all that loose fabric in. I also open the high neck so I can wear a black cross and bead necklace with it. Either the shoes or the boots work depending on the temperature that day.

Versatility – Many Outfits in One

I started with  a lace top/dress I bought off and played with a few pieces I already had – a waistcoat my niece gave me, my prized black Storm leggings and the jacket from this post.

Wear it in any of the combinations in the photos and that’s just the start for a basic like this. I added high, strappy heels but boots would work well too. To finish I added a necklace made of chain, large pearls, gold baubles and a gold metal butterfly.

Highwayman Outfit

I love to have a theme when I dress and this is my highwayman outfit. The trousers are narrow-legged with a smart sewn-in pleat down the centre front.

The white cotton blouse, designed by Trelise Cooper, was bought for $40 on The original price could easily have been close to $500. The frills about the neck and on one side at the hemline is right in keeping with the theme. Trelise Cooper garments are a favourite of mine because of her unique touches. I have bought several items of hers. Occasionally they don’t fit and so I sell them on, always for good money, even making a small profit because I display the clothes well on my mannequin and that makes all the difference.

Over the top I wear an embossed velvet fitted coat I also bought on for about $30. No one else bid for it because they couldn’t see the potential. Many people remark on it when I wear it.

The only appropriate footwear are the  lace-up boots in the photo. The trousers are tucked into them and they complete the look perfectly.