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Orange to brighten the winter

Orange is starting to show up in the collections overseas so I went looking for it here in the shops and on Trademe.
Orange garments in the shops

Links on Trademe: First dress      Second dress     Third dress

Trademe garments

No. 1 Vertice jacket   No. 2  Glengyle Sweater  No.3 dress  No. 4 dress

No. 5 Marc shoes   No. 6 bag   No. 7 tights

Do you want a Moochi garment at a fraction of the price?

Moochi is one of those middle of the road labels as far as cost is concerned but it might still be above the means of many ordinary folk. If you wish to wear one of their stylish, right-on-trend garments, check out those on Trademe. I have chosen those that have great reserves though there are more at higher prices. If you want to check them out, click on the links below.

Black lace top – Size 8

Black satin dress – Size 10

Pastel dress – Size 10

Blue dress – Size 14

Black coat – Size 10