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CFDA Awards – from long gowns to trousers suits

Even the designers we love have their own awards and I guess everyone thinks very carefully about what to wear on this special night. There’s a wide variety of outfits worn for this most designer of events.
Below are a few I have chosen for various reasons.
Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker
Look at these gorgeous colours on Sarah Jessica Parker and the wonderfully pregnant Jessica Alba.
Leelee Sobieski, Kirsten Dunst
Trousers suits represent the height of fashion for Leelee Sobieski and Kirsten Dunst.
Miranda Kerr, Lucy Liu
Black it is for new mother Miranda Kerr and Lucy Liu.

Marcia Cross and Naomi Watts chose to sparkle in their shiny gowns.

Lady Gaga

And as for Lady Gaga who won the Fashion Icon Award, you have to give her props for staying upright on those shoes.

Pregnant Celebrities

Pregnant Victoria Beckham

Pregnant Jessica Alba

Pregnant Tori SpellingPregnant Natalie PortmanPregnant January JonesPregnant Kate HudsonPregnant Jennifer ConnellyPregnant Selma Blair

Look at these gorgeous pregnant women! They bring a smile to my face. I enjoyed being pregnant and loved my growing tummy. It is a blissful time before the massive change which is to come once that baby is welcomed into the world.