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I went shopping!

Flower RingBead bracelet
Yesterday I went into this gorgeous gift shop called Spoilt to buy a birthday present for my sister and came out with the bag and wrap in the first photo as well as her present and a runner for our coffee table. This is a very dangerous shop to visit when your shopping hormones are running free.

I also needed to go to the mall and saw the shop assistant in Jacqui-E pulling jewellery from their hooks and laying them on a table. I investigated and they were all being marked down to $10 each so, unable to resist a bargain, I purchased the ring, bracelet and necklace in the photos – $30 for the lot. I also bought a perfect little black turtle neck top with short sleeves which will be a great staple for my winter wardrobe. I didn’t regret any of the purchases when I got home so it was a good day.

Fabulous Bags for Auction on Trademe

These bags are all on right now.