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Time for an Evening Out

Nothing can beat black for an evening out – slimming and elegant. I start with a chiffon dress/top with lovely pintucked detailing on the yoke and cuffs. This can be worn alone with a wide belt to pull it in at the waist. However, I wear it with my Storm leggings and a fabulous sequinned waistcoat which fits tightly and pulls all that loose fabric in. I also open the high neck so I can wear a black cross and bead necklace with it. Either the shoes or the boots work depending on the temperature that day.


Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show

I was watching Desperate Housewives last night and was, as always, blown away by their beautiful red dresses at the beginning and looked up the 2011 Red Dress Fashion Show. It must have been a spectacle with all those celebrities prancing along the runway.  They must work so hard on their figures to look that good.

It’s easy to find beautiful evening wear in secondhand shops and on trading websites. Often the garments have only been worn a couple of times and are in fantastic condition. Look for the designer labels and you can be sure of the workmanship. Wear your purchase a few times and then sell  it on. That way you have a rotating wardrobe that you never get tired of.