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Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Chiffon Galore

The Cannes Film Festival lasts for several days so here is another selection of  celebrity couture. Chiffon seems to have played a big part in the choice of evening gowns and I have chosen those that stand out. I’m not too sure about Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown but it sure is full and colorful. The others are all spectacular.


Cannes Film Festival 2011 – Full Skirts

The Cannes Film Festival is always a chance for celebrities to show off the latest designer fashion. Each star will be seen in a variety of outfits over the days of the festival and I can only imagine the fun involved in getting those wardrobes together. There is a definite leaning towards the fitted bodice and full skirt look as evidenced above. Okay, so Rachel McAdam’s skirt is not full but it is too cute to leave out. This style is such a great throwback to the fifties though there’s not a bobby sock in sight, only fabulous shoes.