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My Latest Accessory Purchases

I get carried away with my purchases of accessories from because they are all so cheap.

– I have several cuffs like the red, jewelled one above. I will show some others another time. I wear this with fairly simple clothes so it makes a statement.

– The earrings are unexpectedly large and don’t get worn too often because they waggle about and hit me in the face if I move too fast but they do get second looks when I wear them. 

– I love the shot of colour the purple belt gives to an outfit and I really want to find shoes or a bag of the same colour.

– I bought the black leather belt because of the spectacular buckle. It lifts any outfit and gives a nice tough feel to a more feminine outfit.

– The lace and pearl clip makes a large statement on a plain jacket. Again I enjoy the juxtaposition of the feminine with the tougher look and would wear a very severe jacket with this.