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NZ Top Models – Squabbles, Winners and Losers

I have just watched the tape I made of the NZ Top Model episode on Friday and some personalities are finally starting to show. Not always in a good way either.

Tyne and Holly squabbled over who should be who’s friend – very schoolyardish.

Tyne Aitken

Tyne Aitken

Holly Reid - NZ Top Model

Holly Reid

Izzy kept everyone entertained with her bubbly personality but lost sight of the competition and came in the bottom two for her lack of motivation. The shoot was one where the girls had to show their seductive side and Izzy came up short. But these girls are very young and expecting them to display their feminine wiles is perhaps a little too much – hence the giggles and embarrassment.

Isabel Thorpe - NZ Top Model

Isabel Thorpe

Asher-Jayne or AJ as she’s known is playing the part of the class clown but she is aware this could cost her if she doesn’t focus. The judges say she appears vacant but I’m not so sure. She is playing the part that is expected of her. Many people get lured into that trap.

Asher-Jayne Moore - NZ Top Model

Asher-Jayne Moore

Aroha, the plus-sized model (in other words, she is the same size as the average person in the street), shone at the runway show and won herself $1,000 worth of clothes from Glassons and the use of a car for a year.

Aroha Newby - NZ Top Model

Aroha Newby

And now we come to the model who came out on top and the one who lost her chance to become NZ’s top model. Bianca is the awkward girl (there’s always one) who manages to put aside all her quirkiness to stand with the best of them when the cameras come out. This week she took the best photo.

Bianca Cutts-Karaman - NZ Top Model

Bianca Cutts-Karaman

And the girl who is “no longer in the ruuning to become NZ’s top model” is: Glasson’s own people’s choice – Holly Reid. After a great first week, the judges decided that the public didn’t know what they were doing and eliminated the only girl they hadn’t chosen themselves to be in the finals – just saying.

Holly Reid - NZ Top Model

Holly Reid