More Corners of my Home

These are the only things on show in my bathroom. I use them all and so they need to be close at hand. The silver tray unifies them and makes it easier to clean the vanity top.

This is on prominent display in our main living area because my son, a budding architect, made it with infinite patience.

All three of these items came from Italy and they now adorn our entrance room.

All these items also came from Italy including this glorious metal safe. It is rather heavy but it can be carried so we don’t keep anything important in it.

This is my latest handbag purchase and my favourite. It’s a stunning mushroom colour which goes with most colours and carries everything I need for work.

I created this little scene inside a glass cabinet. Some of the items are quite precious while others are handcrafted by me to create this vignette.

These are books by my favourite author, Jodi Picoult.

About Suzanne

I am Suzanne Perazzini, the author of two low Fodmap cookbooks, Low Fodmap Menus and Low Fodmap Snacks, and the creator of the Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coaching Program. I live in New Zealand in a house overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my husband and son. Since discovering the low FODMAP diet, my irritable bowel syndrome issues, which I have suffered from all my life, have all but disappeared. My blog, Strands of My Life, focuses on the low FODMAP diet and features videos, recipes and articles on irritable bowel syndrome. My mission in life is to help those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome to implement the low Fodmap diet. I have a side blog called Path to Minimalism, where I document our downsizing to a life of minimalism and zero waste.

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